How to earn on photo

Как заработать на фото

Many, having a smartphone with a camera in their hands, are wondering how to make money from photography in the modern world, and the Internet, in turn, offers many opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at several ways to make money from photography. Even pictures of middle quality can bring a good income, for this, you just need to know how to use them correctly.


  • Overview of the main types of earnings in the photo.
  • How to make money on photo stocks.
  • Ordered photo.
  • Earn by photo viewers.
  • How much does a photographer earn from one photo viewer?
  • How to make money from photography on svanty.

Overview of the main types of earnings in the photo

  • The most popular type of income is photo stocks. The principle of operation, which is very simple, you need to take high-quality photos and try to sell them.
  • Ordered photo, perhaps the most classic form of making money in the photo.
  • Earn on svanty

How to make money on photo stocks

There are many photo stocks online that will sell your photos. When registering, some of them require certification, after which you will be given access to the ability to upload your photos. The disadvantage of this type of earnings is that not all photos can be sold at the desired price. Sometimes the standpoint of customers may differ from the provided photographic material.

Ordered photo

The second type of income is an ordered photo. This is a very classic form of making money from photography, which has existed for a long time. The principle of operation is very simple, if there are customers, it is required to take copyright photographs in the desired subject. This way of making money requires a lot of skill from the photographer. You also need to own a high-quality technique that can take mega-cool photos. Such photographers acquire their audience on the popular Instagram network.

Earn by photo viewers

Perhaps this is the most unusual way to make money in photography. There is a platform for it. The bottom line is that if you have in-demand photo content, even in average quality, it can generate income for you. It all depends on the importance and exclusivity of the content for the audience. For example, it can be a photo of pages from a textbook that students need or a review of some product in photos with a description, for rare goods, it is not always possible to find suitable photos on the network, there may also be other types of photos, but about them a little later.

There is a couple of albums in order to see how it works:

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The meaning is simple, you earn from viewing your albums.

How much does a photographer earn from one photo viewer?

Rates depend on who visits your album and average from 3 to 5 kopecks for viewing one album page.

How to make money from photography on svanty

It’s very simple, register on the site, create a couple of albums on a popular topic, and earn money. It would be best to find a traffic sponsor, it can be Youtube bloggers, or any other blogs, etc.

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